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Evidence-based Coaching as an Applied Positive Psychology
Anthony Grant. Presented at Australian Positive Psychology and Well-Being Conference, April 2008.

The Coaching Controversy
This White Paper researched by Neil Rackham documents the fact that, however excellent your classroom training, without good coaching, you’ve probably wasting 97 cents out of every skills dollar spend.

Coaching in organisations
This report summarizes the initial findings of CIPD research into coaching provision in UK organisations undertaken in collaboration with the Ashridge Centre for Coaching. The research was launched in April 2007 and will conclude in spring 2008 with the publication of the final research report. This initial report includes:

  • the background to the research 
  • the initial findings 
  • case studies highlighting how two organisations; M&G and Orange – structure
  • their internal coaching offers 
  • some early conclusions about good practice

Coaching and buying coaching services
Looks at the role an HR department can take in selecting and managing the coaching relationship within organisations. This report:

  • provides an overview of the coaching industry
  • outlines the various professional bodies – and the current training and
  • qualification options in the UK
  • explains the types of coaching available
  • discusses the business case for coaching
  • considers when best to use coaching
  • explains when best to use internal and external coaches
  • offers guidance on how to select a coach

Hestia and Coaching: Speaking to the ‘hearth’ of the matter
Hilary Armstrong – As many reasons are put forward for the rapid proliferation of executive coaching as there are sceptics who believe it is a passing fad. This paper, after analysing the results of recent research into coaching’s effectiveness, proposes that it may be serving a more significant space than one would imagine. Coaching is not simply about producing pragmatic results such as peak performance, behavioural changes and improved results (although it delivers all these benefits). It is a cultural phenomenon in that it is capturing the collective psyche in a significant way, filling a deeply felt need in the unconscious lives of people in organisations. It connects with the ancient archetype of Hestia, representing hearth, centring and a sanctuary for self-focus.



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