The Art of facilitating well includes the fundamental skills of design, communication, management, rapid knowledge assimilation. In conjunction with key personal characteristics including openness, authenticity, humility, optimism and confidence.
Margie uses enthusiasm, energy and builds rapport with participants quickly whilst creating a safe and non-threatening environment for learning and participation.  Maintaining a strong facilitative presence to keep the process on track is a key competency.
Creating an environment of trust within the group enables effective group work. Margie utilises a variety of methodology and tools to maximise the active learning process.
The foundations of Positive Psychology, Appreciative Inquiry and Positive Organisational Scholarship are used when aligned with the clients desired outcomes.

Confidentiality is a key value of the business.


  • Strategy
  • Team building
  • Communication
  • Self Understanding (DISC)
  • Presentation Skills
  • Feedback
  • Professional Development
  • Leadership
  • Vision and Values
  • Purpose and Vision


  • Clarify their vision, values and purpose
  • Conduct difficult conversations to achieve desired outcomes
  • Ensure full participation of all members
  • Keep discussion on track and on time
  • Move to honest, authetic dialogue
  • Ensure true commitment for agreed actions and outcomes
  • Improve communication across the group

Source : Institute of Executive Coaching


  • Problem solving, especially when individuals are at loggerhead with each other
  • Setting or clarification of values, vision and purpose
  • Post-restructure where disparate team members have to learn to work together as a blended team
  • Behaviour and skill development
  • Behaviour and organisational change


  • Work with organisation representatives and/or key stake holders to clarify expected outcomes
  • Create a safe environment where all team members can speak and be heard
  • Ensure organisational values/culture is driven through the process
  • Manage power and airtime
  • Included reflection and feedback



Danielle Murrie (General Manager, Marketing, Colonial First State), Hanne Breddam (Director, BusinessMinds Australia), Catherine Badran (Head of Client Services Development, Colonial First State)


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